Happy Hump-asana Day: Anjaneyasana / Low Lunge

Let’s not waste any time today, dear readers! In the spirit of tight hamstrings [but really because I’m selfish and have been doing this pose every day], today’s Hump-asana pose is Anjaneyasana or Low Lunge. Now you might be wondering how this pose targets hamstrings at all. Well, it doesn’t [but it does]. See, as […]

Happy (Tardy) Hump-asana Day: Breathe

Dear Hump-asana Day gods: Forgive me for doing your day a disservice and not even posting a Hump-asana. It’s not like I forgot about you. [promise] And who says we can’t celebrate Hump-asana day on Thursday? Consider us fashionably late yogi socialites [and the fabulous are never on time, right?]. I knew you’d agree . […]

Happy Hump-asana Day: Sukhasana / Easy Seated Pose

Happy Hump-asana Day, friends! Yesterday was sheer madness: I taught at 7am, practiced at 9:30am, worked, then taught again at 6:30pm. WHEW! Today I’m practically running out the door again but couldn’t exit without leaving you with a Hump-asana [woot!]. Inspired by Spoiled Yogi‘s interview with Jody Greene, a San Francisco-based teacher, who said that […]

Happy Hump-asana Day: Supine Groin Stretch [Doesn’t that Sound Enticing?]

Happy Hump-asana Day, friends! I’ve been a bit off the radar this week and will continue to be for the next few days thanks to some big life changes [I quit my big girl job, ‘member?]. Add a drastic schedule change, a few more teaching gigs, a visit from mom [she’ll be here tonight!], a […]

Happy Hump-asana Day: Camel Pose / Ustrasana

Happy Hump-asana Day! Err…the hour-ish left of it [whoops!]. The good news: You still have time! Today’s Hump-asana day Pose: Camel (Ustrasana) So, begin in tadasana (mountain pose) and then make this face: [teehehehee] And then celebrate your rad body like this: [teehehehee] Speaking of camels, have you ever seen a camel tongue? They are […]

Happy Hump-asana Day Double Header: Pigeon and Eagle

Hey batta batta batta hey batta batta batta SAWING batta! Ring a bell? Bueller, Bueller? [Watch the clip here] Guess what, yogiloves? Tomorrow is MLB Opening Day! [Try to contain your enthusiasm] As a closet baseball die-hard and in honor of opening day tomorrow, today’s VY features not one but TWO Hump-asana poses, geared specifically towards […]

Happy Hump-asana Day: Tadasana / Mountain pose

Happy Hump-asana Day! By now you’ve probably heard the news that Elizabeth Taylor died today [sigh]. Although at times recognized moreso for her series of marriages than for the diversity of her acting skills, Elizabeth Taylor played her fair share of women, from the immature but vain Amy March in “Little Women” to Cleopatra. Despite […]

Happy Hump-asana Day: Toe Crunch Asana

Hey, hey, Happy Hump-asana Day, friends! It’s a bit late in the day but we can celebrate nonetheless. In honor of my class last night, today’s Hump-asana pose is Toe Crunch Asana (a very unofficial name!). You know those poses you love to hate/hate to love? The ones your teacher tells you that you need […]

Happy Hump-asana Day: Surya Namaskar A / Sun Salutation A

Happy Hump-asana day, folks! Wait – wasn’t it just Wednesday last time I blinked? Today I realized that a long weekend in New York + working + teaching ≠ Blogging! That said, today’s Hump-asana celebration comes to you compliments of OmGal a.k.a. Rebecca Pacheco, one of my favorite yogis and bloggers. Since we oftentimes fly through […]

Happy Hump-asana Day: Warrior II / Virabhadrasana II

So I took a test this morning. It was a very serious test. [for serial – super, super serial] . . . and I want you to take it, too. The test is . . . BlogThings’ What Yoga Pose Are You? test [thanks, YIFY]! C’mon, you didn’t think I’d actually give you something serious, […]