Plight of the RYT [Rookie Yoga Teacher] – Part I

My teaching schedule just went from 0 – 60 in 4.2 seconds [which even beats out the Maserati I have in my make believe life. Whoa]. [Vroom] Last week was insanity and also every new teacher’s dream. I took on a new class [enthusiasm beyond verbal expression permits] and also had the opportunity to sub […]

Signs of the [YTT] Beast

So, you’ve begun yoga teacher training. At first, you’re tired [very tired]. You juggle work/home/yoga, almost running from one venue to the next. It’s all very cerebral at first – you have a schedule, books to read, classes to attend, and things to learn for goodness sake! [exhilarating almost, especially for Type A’s]. A few […]

Endings, Beginnings, and a Freak [Nadi] February

Welp, it’s official – YTT is over. After a teary graduation practice and small celebration, I drove home as if I was leaving class any other evening. On cue, Natasha Bedingfield sang an acoustic version of “Unwritten” to me and I left it on [and, no offense Natasha, but I usually turn you off – […]

Happy Hump-asana Day: Paschimottanasana/Seated Forward Fold

Well, hello, Wednesday! Happy Hump-asana pose for today: Paschimottanasana/Seated Forward Fold [Just looking at paschimottanasana makes me swoon] How are you feeling today? Need some peace? I sure do – and seated forward fold always, always brings me a little bit of calm. Because I’ve had a crazy work week and am four days away […]

Hairy Toes and Other Confessions

Happy Friday, fellow yogi(ni)s! What better way to wrap up the week than a public confessional? Here, I offer you this week’s admissions: 1.  During a hot class my attention was diverted on more than one occasion. Instead of refocusing my breath/gaze, I chose to make a superficial self-improvement to-do list. After noticing a display of […]

Rounding Home and Letting Go

Now that we’re rounding home in teacher training (hello, we’re done in TWO WEEKS!), we are officially immersed. I’m talking a weekend of four classes per day, mock teaching, workshops, lectures, etc., plus a Wednesday night class and lecture. It’s pretty awesome, and also pretty exhausting. Come Monday, I find myself physically tired but emotionally […]