Happy Hump-asana Day: Paschimottanasana/Seated Forward Fold

Well, hello, Wednesday! Happy Hump-asana pose for today: Paschimottanasana/Seated Forward Fold [Just looking at paschimottanasana makes me swoon] How are you feeling today? Need some peace? I sure do – and seated forward fold always, always brings me a little bit of calm. Because I’ve had a crazy work week and am four days away […]

Hairy Toes and Other Confessions

Happy Friday, fellow yogi(ni)s! What better way to wrap up the week than a public confessional? Here, I offer you this week’s admissions: 1.  During a hot class my attention was diverted on more than one occasion. Instead of refocusing my breath/gaze, I chose to make a superficial self-improvement to-do list. After noticing a display of […]

Happy Hump-asana Day: Double Pigeon/Fire Log Pose

That’s right, it’s Wednesday again! Hump-asana pose for today: Dwi Pada Rajakapotasana/Double Pigeon/Fire Log Pose Looks something like this: In honor of insanely tight hips, today we focus on double pigeon. If you’ve tried it, keep on keepin’ on – if you haven’t tried it, add this passive but powerful nugget to your repertoire, especially […]

Take Some Time

…and read this YJ article that is not only informative but also beautifully-written. Dorothy Foltz-Gray explores how we come to crave certain comfort foods and how we can use mindfulness to satisfy not only our physical hunger but also our emotional needs. An excerpt: We’ve lost the sense that comfort food is an act of love…We work […]

Rounding Home and Letting Go

Now that we’re rounding home in teacher training (hello, we’re done in TWO WEEKS!), we are officially immersed. I’m talking a weekend of four classes per day, mock teaching, workshops, lectures, etc., plus a Wednesday night class and lecture. It’s pretty awesome, and also pretty exhausting. Come Monday, I find myself physically tired but emotionally […]

Happy Hump-asana Day: Mayurasana or Peacock

Happy Hump-asana Day, fellow yogis! Get your minds out of the gutter – Hump-asana Day, traditionally known as Wednesday or “Hump Day” in lamens/peasant/working-folk tongue, is a mid-week yogi treat. Hump-asana Day features a snippet of a pose worth spending some time exploring. And since they’re ALL worth exploring, we’ll never run out of poses […]