[Not-So] Breaking News

I spent what started as weeks and turned into months debating what clever segue I’d use to share the news. Convinced one of the numerous crises anecdotes I’ve logged during the past seven months would provide ample opportunity for disclosure – about one night stands with food, burping in public, being annoyed by gravity, etc. – what materialized instead was an extreme lack of writing or interacting with people in general. What’s this news that could leave me feeling anti-social with a borderline personality disorder while napping through most of the day? Why, a baby, of course!

Baby Dog.

Yep, The Big Guy and I made a small person. Go figure. Our miniature big guy is slated to arrive sometime around June 5th of this year. I expect he’ll either come out swinging and swearing like a good Marine or chaturanga-ing and chanting like Krishna Das [we shall see what crossbreed yogi-warrior emerges].

At Week 26, The Big Guy so kindly reminded me that I’d been pregnant “for half a year!” [Really? Geez, it’s not like I was counting Every. Second. Ticking. By.]. As long as you discount the first four months a.k.a. The Head-in-Toilet Stage, I’ve been blessed with an easy pregnancy. [Easy despite having developed a mild obsession with rearranging the living room every week and squandering most of our money at HomeGoods. Dear American Express: we’ll work something out later.]

Now, at 32 weeks, time really has flown by. I finally stopped doing handstands sometime in February and now officially prefer a yin practice at home instead of a funky flow at the studio. The transition has been a mental challenge but I figure my mat-mates appreciate my choice to moan excessively in pigeon/frog/hanumanasana ecstasy in private [hip openers just feeeeeel soooooo gooooooood!].

Anyway, it’s hard to imagine I’m just a quick blink away from meeting my main man. Although I can’t promise any coherent and/or interesting posts until a few months post-partum, I will have some professional belly photos to share soon and promise that, when I do finally post, it’ll we well worth the wait. Yes, pregnancy is beautiful, divine, and a blessing, but it is also hilarious and awkward and brings a whole new meaning to a yoga practice. I’ve compiled many tales to share.

In the meantime, don’t forget to entertain yourselves by visiting yoga friends at YIOM, the omniscient and hilarious yogauthority YogaDork, and of course some old favorites YIFY and Darla Cooks (a.k.a. Sweaty Darla – she’s cookin’ up some serious yumminess these days).

…stay tuned and don’t forget to check back soon friends – you know I won’t stay quiet for long!



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