My Kinda Crazy

You’re only given a little spark of madness. You musn’t lose it.

– Robin Williams

…you must just find others who have similar sparks of madness. 🙂

Published by Amanda Niznik

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  1. lol..that’s so true….and life is soooo much better when you find your fellow mad ones.
    P.S. Reading your sidebar…I’m a felicia tomasko fan, too. That lady knows here stuff.

    1. She does! I really enjoy her classes on yogaglo, especially when I need to wind down. She’s the master of yin. Glad we have that in common! xo

    1. oh, hi! I like your crazy! 🙂
      A good friend shared a revelation with me this weekend: that we are all stark mad but just surround ourselves with others who are the same kind of mad, so we identify with each other and feel un-crazy. I came across this quote hours later. Fortuitous! [or a manifestation – we’ll never know. insightful nonetheless].

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