Buh-bye March, Hello April and YIOM!

This is me today:

Photocredit: Someecards.com


I have multiple issues with April Fool’s Day which relate directly back to getting the crap teased out of me as a child. Sparing you any grim childhood recollections, let’s talk about why we’re really here: YOGA! [and shoes, right?].

April kicks off YIOM or Yoga Inspiring Oneness Month, brainchild of Laurin from The VeganAsana, which aims to bring the yoga blogging community together to promote even more yoga [applaud here please]. We’ve committed to posting on at least three yoga-related topics per week for the entire month of April. Find YIOM participants and more details here [Bee-tee-dubs, YIOM has a rad blogroll. I am way humbled to be a part of it].

Check twitter for #YIOM and keep an eye out for this indicator of a YIOM-related post around the interweb this month:

In other news, I quit my soul-sucking big-girl job this week [yowza!] which means several things:

  1. Less Moschino, more Marshall’s;
  2. More yoga;
  3. More writing;
  4. More time to watch The Big Guy do his best Michael Cutter impression [what can I say? I’m a sucker for a guy in a suit].

Most notably in this list are #s 2 and 3: more yoga and writing. That’s right friends, the time has come and I’m breakin’ free of the 9 – 5 (plus) worked-to-the-bone-stuck-inside-a-fluorescent-lit-office lifestyle [hallelujah]. Can I get a witness? I said, CAN I GET A WITNESS?

Marvin Gaye rocks. And, did you see that dancing? That man just makes you want to move!

I digress.

So, more on the major life transition to come, along with a clothing review or two and some fun YIOM posts. For now, Happy Friday and keep on rockin’ on and off the mat [use Marvin Gaye jams at your discretion].


♥ VY

10 thoughts on “Buh-bye March, Hello April and YIOM!

    1. Me neither, and am sometimes alarmed by my propensity for cynical humor. Can’t get enough! And thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s time enough to drop the soul-suck – as in, three years in the making. Time to start practicing what I preach. 🙂

  1. Wow! Way to go on leaving the soul-sucking job!! Takes some courage to make a change like that… I’ve been there before and need to realize the same again, so awesome for you!
    I also aim for more yoga and writing, so YIOM should be both fun and challenging! 🙂

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