Happy Hump-asana Day Double Header: Pigeon and Eagle

Hey batta batta batta hey batta batta batta SAWING batta!

Ring a bell?

Bueller, Bueller? [Watch the clip here]

Photocredit: Yahoo Sports

Guess what, yogiloves? Tomorrow is MLB Opening Day!

[Try to contain your enthusiasm]

As a closet baseball die-hard and in honor of opening day tomorrow, today’s VY features not one but TWO Hump-asana poses, geared specifically towards baseball players [and grandmothers who occasionally indulge the tots in backyard t-ball games].

And if you’re not either a baseball player or a t-ball hustling grandma, do these poses anyway – your hips and shoulders will thank you.

Today’s Hump-asana treats: Pigeon and Eagle.

[and the crowd goes wiiiiiild!]

First up: Pigeon pose

If you know anything about batting mechanics or have an ex-boyfriend [or two…or three…err, whatevs, who’s counting?!] who played baseball, then you know that, although the movement seemingly comes from the upper body, swinging a bat (well) really comes from hip rotation. Tight hips = limited rotation = crappy swing.

Read the breakdown of Pigeon here.

Hint: Sit the hip of the bent leg on a block.

Next in the lineup: Eagle pose

[did somebody just start the wave?]

Whether pitching or hauling the ball across the diamond, range of motion in the shoulders of your throwing arm is key. Tight shoulders and back = no lasers across the backyard field. Get all wrapped up in eagle to prevent a torn labrum. The added mental bonus? Since eagle requires both flexibility and intense focus to balance, you’ll strengthen your brain-bone, too. And since baseball is such a mental game (like most sports), you’ll need that noggin’ in tip top shape!

Read the breakdown of Eagle here.

Hint: Relax the shoulders down like crazy.

[and don’t eat too many hotdogs]

Happy Hump-asana Day, fellow yogis! Get your minds out of the gutter – Hump-asana Day, traditionally known as Wednesday or “Hump Day” in lamens/working-folk tongue, is a mid-week yogi treat. Hump-asana Day features a snippet of a pose worth spending some time exploring. And since they’re ALL worth exploring, we’ll never run out of poses for Hump-asana Day – rejoice!

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