Happy Hump-asana Day: Tadasana / Mountain pose

Happy Hump-asana Day!

By now you’ve probably heard the news that Elizabeth Taylor died today [sigh]. Although at times recognized moreso for her series of marriages than for the diversity of her acting skills, Elizabeth Taylor played her fair share of women, from the immature but vain Amy March in “Little Women” to Cleopatra.

Phorocredit: Harper's Bazaar

Despite the variations in roles she was cast, Elizabeth Taylor’s on-screen personalities had one thing in common: beauty. In his lovely New York Times obituary published this morning, Mel Gussow (who died in 2005) wrote:

Marilyn Monroe was the sex goddess, Grace Kelly the ice queen, Audrey Hepburn the eternal gamine. Ms. Taylor was beauty incarnate.

Beauty aside, Elizabeth Taylor had her fair share of challenges. She lived very publicly through ups and downs, lovers new and old, health problems, and everything else this beautiful life gifted to her. Despite the ups and downs, Elizabeth rebounded and stood tall. And she owned uncertainty in her life, admitting she didn’t have all the answers. Questioned why she married so often, Elizabeth said simply [and frankly]: “I don’t know, honey. It sure beats the hell out of me.” Read the entire NYT article here.

So today, we salute Elizabeth Taylor, the ultimate glamour girl, not for her flawless facial features but for her beautifully flawed life. We salute her for getting knocked down and standing right back up [which, in my humble opinion, makes her even more beautiful].

Elizabeth Taylor, you were one strong, flawed, beautiful, loving, and real woman. Today is for you. Elizabeth not only stood tall emotionally but also stood tall literally. Check out one of her Cleopatra headdresses [they’re no joke!]:

Elizabeth standing tall as Cleopatra

Today’s Hump-asana Day pose: Tadasana (Mountain pose)

Although tadasana is a simple standing pose, don’t just hang around. Get sturdy – get strong. Practice tadasana by itself, without worrying about transitioning to and from a sequence. Follow suit with Elizabeth and stand tall. Check out Ralph Miller’s video for a great step-by-step on building the foundation:

Focus especially on encouraging your collar bones downward and releasing your shoulders down your back [read: no shoulder earrings]. It might seem like a confusing combination but as you press down with the shoulders and collarbone, lift your sternum up towards the sky. Lift the chin parallel with the floor and relax the face. Gaze forward and smile for Liz.


Happy Hump-asana Day, fellow yogis! Get your minds out of the gutter – Hump-asana Day, traditionally known as Wednesday or “Hump Day” in lamens/working-folk tongue, is a mid-week yogi treat. Hump-asana Day features a snippet of a pose worth spending some time exploring. And since they’re ALL worth exploring, we’ll never run out of poses for Hump-asana Day – rejoice!

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