Hairy Toes and Other Confessions

Happy Friday, fellow yogi(ni)s! What better way to wrap up the week than a public confessional? Here, I offer you this week’s admissions:

1.  During a hot class my attention was diverted on more than one occasion. Instead of refocusing my breath/gaze, I chose to make a superficial self-improvement to-do list. After noticing a display of self-tanner streaked across my feet and ankles [the horror!], I realized that spending time refocusing my energy on body maintenance may be a good idea. List Item #1: pay attention when blending self-tanner, or just quit altogether. I also noticed a trio of random hairs on my left big toe [disgusting]. List Item #2: invest in toe hair remover. Etc.

2.  I bought a DVD-player for the first time in my life. Being a gigantic closet nerd, my DVD viewing for the past six years has been via a Playstation 2, which I have also used to play copious amounts of DDR – If you don’t know what DDR is, kindly disregard. Last night, the PS2 pooped the proverbial bed amidst a rather intense competition with The Big Guy (I’m talking a Michael Jackson song here, people). Nerd rage ensued.

Nerd Rage

There I was, raging out, unable to DDR and also unable to watch DVDs. So, I put on my big girl pants and bought a very 21st Century DVD-player. Thank you, Target price cuts!

3.  I bought a $75 Kate Spade kindle cover. Despite endeavoring to save money and engage in aparigraha, I broke. That’s right, I broke and spent absurd coin for something seemingly silly. For a bookworm fused to her kindle, though, I argue that there is some sort of justification out there, especially considering that the cheapest, most oatmeal**  kindle cover is $30. The toughest part was choosing between The Great Gatsby, The Importance of Being Earnest, or Great Expectations:

One of each? Yes, please!

[book nerds, unite!]

The Importance of Being Earnest cover won. Wilde is my homedog.

** “Oatmeal” in adjective form was stolen from my former life as a sorority girl.

4.  While assisting during class last night, I purposely avoided touching one student. I had my reasons, though. Rewind to about an hour earlier: I was at the gas station buying bottled water and a random male patron proceeded to shamelessly eye-grope and stalk me [And for the record, due to my ninja-like awareness, I am complex prey to stalk].

Difficult prey to stalk, just like the Black Rhino in Botswana

Mmmmm, rhinos are cute! And also very ugly. I digress.

Male patron eye-groped, stalked, and then followed me out of the store to say hello and ask my name. Somewhat creepy but also mildly flattering. Whatever. I brushed it off and barely looked at him. Fast forward to class: A random student asked for help during hanumanasana. So, I displayed an appropriate variation on the floor next to him. Mid-explanation, he turned and whispered “Are you the girl I just saw at the gas station? What’s your name? Have I seen you here before? Why didn’t you want to talk to me?” I felt awkward and didn’t appreciate that I was trying to help him and he just wanted to holler at me. That’s right, he hollered (holla’d?) at me. Funny thing is, The Big Guy was suffering practicing on the other side of the room, completely oblivious. Anyway, I didn’t go back to give him any more assists. It was childish, I know. Go ahead and judge me.

5. I want to get a little bit drunk tonight. And by “get a little drunk,” I mean have two-and-a-half glasses of organic wine. Because of our YTT schedule, I’ve been foregoing most social engagements and keeping my wine consumption fairly low. Since I want to feel fresh and bushy-tailed early tomorrow morning, I’ll probably behave tonight, especially considering we’ll have another 8-class filled weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I am BEYOND excited for every bit of teacher training but I’m also really looking forward to having a few glasses and sleeping in until 10am after it’s over. For now, I’ll stick with sparkling water.

Well, maybe just a glass…

Any brave souls willing to add a confession or two? Have a great weekend, everyone!

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