Take Some Time

…and read this YJ article that is not only informative but also beautifully-written. Dorothy Foltz-Gray explores how we come to crave certain comfort foods and how we can use mindfulness to satisfy not only our physical hunger but also our emotional needs. An excerpt:

We’ve lost the sense that comfort food is an act of love…We work hard and then get fast food. But how nice instead to sit for a minute and choose something that will make you feel whole again, like an orange. Or to ask, ‘What would restore me or give me a sense of who I am right now?’ That takes more than five minutes.

2 thoughts on “Take Some Time

  1. I AM always torn when I AM reminded of comfort vs. comfort food cuz in truth I want it all. Give me the comfort, the comfort foods, the orange AND the shoes dear Vogue Yogini. Then, I take a deep breath and remind myself of who I AM. The thoughts, the emotions, the body hungers…it is all welcome at the banquet of Consciousness and unconditional Yoga. Accepting is ALL, just as it is:)

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